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How great the vault of heaven is in the beginning of the primordial universe.

Variable yet immobile at ease.

“Crane Summit” is our name,

The emblem of our thoughts.

“Universal Reality” is our spirit,

The everlasting universal Truth we abide by.


The truth of the universe vigorously rotates.

The Dharma wheel turns eternally without rest.

“Universal Reality” is ingenuity, practicality,

Like continuous verdant mountain peaks.

“Crane Summit” represents refinement, sublimity, amity and peace,

Like moon reflecting upon thousands of rivers, bright and brilliant.


The sturdy Horse journeys around the world,

Sprinting along with the wind, crossing over thousands of mountains in an instant.

Refinement ‡ to preserve the everlasting spring of Nature

Sublimity ‡ to elevate the quality of humankind’s noble sentiment

Amity ‡ to care for the universal community and search for blissfulness of humankind

Peace ‡ to pray for the cease of wars and warriors, to be at peace with this world we dwell in ever after


With the power of Zen, the river flows calmly and orderly.

All sounds resound knowingly.

With the power to be calm and still, the gushed water becomes limpid,

Sole awareness remains.

In memory of the eminent and venerable religious leader Master Chuan Ching,

On February 4th, 2004,

“Crane Summit 21st Century International Forum” is established

By the eastern poet and Buddhist monk Master Yu Garden Dao Yi.


Riding a superb and marvelous steed

That gallops a thousand miles

A white crane flies out at the midnight, shining with clouds of the starry sky.

In an instant, the whole golden steppe is covered with the moonlight.

It is an academic forum in the new century,

Dedicated to the international promotion of arts and culture,

It resolves the racial dilemma and generation gap,

Through the all-embracing art and cultural affairs,

Promoting the full integration of spiritual strength and quality.

Thus creating a rich, open, harmonious, mutually-respectful literature,

And art environment that resonate the Renaissance of new 21st Century.


There is a predestined binding force for everyone.

Zhuangzi’s dream, is not only a beautiful legend.

The creative prototype of the Crane Summit Supreme Honor Crown Medallion is a tiny leaf ‡

Looking at one tiny tinted leaf,

Croons the moderation of the nature, conveys spiritual nourishment of the humanity, Telling profound and moving life story,

And affluent spiritual life journey.

The freshness of New is like an innocent child,

The significant meaning of life like morning dew of spirit!

Like a tiny piece of tinted leaf, listening to the song of poetry ‡

The eternal life is completing its rejuvenating cycle.

Moving in accordance with the pace of the universe,

Serenely crooning a song of eternity:

The truth about how fallen leaves glide in the air yet remain still.


Our dreams appear to be unlimited and immeasurable,

Such as a self-metamorphosed butterfly

Doesn’t have to flit around with other butterfly.

The waves of the east coast overlooking the Pacific lucid and clear.

Looking at the gust of wind sweeping away fallen leaves.

The splendid rhyme of life will never cease.