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Crane Summit 21st Century International Forum was established on 4 February 2004 in memory of the eminent and venerable religious leader Master Chuan Ching. The Forum puts emphasis on spiritualism, intellectuality and power of understanding. It promotes the development and exploration of spirits, striving to promote and transmit the tender beauty of Greater Love. The power of benevolence which is like that of water which benefits all things while competes with nothing, thus providing the Modern Man with intellectual capacity based on spirituality and wisdom contributing to and nourishing the wellspring of gnosis... In a graceful and elegant manner, Crane Summit seeks to actively promote New Literature, Philosophy, Music, Arts, Religion and other cultural creative work disseminating the New World View as well as cultural exchange and emulation.


Through friendship, love and peace we seek to create a community encompassing all humankind, a community which transcends national boundaries and is based on the values of multiculturalism. Emphasizing gratefulness and sharing, we strive to educate and promote the noble and sublime qualities of men. Through the virtues of opening one’s mind and tolerance we promote the true, the good, the beautiful and the sacred arts, igniting the hearts of all people, in order to create a beautiful, illuminated dream of the 21st century.


Crane Summit 21st Century International Forum stands out majestically in the solemn country of arts and literature, like a vessel which sails bravely through the ever-changing waters of the high seas in pursuit of a beautiful and rich life. Tradition and classics are our propeller, creativity and innovation are our compass – following the imperceptible rhythm of the movement of the sun, moon and the stars, the vessel hoists her sails navigating towards the spiritual homeland of peace and happiness, inaugurating the New Era of spiritual pursuit of goodness.