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We are honored to receive two Thiruvalluvar statues donated by the head of International Tamil Sangam, Dr. VGP Santhosam.

Yesterday (6.09.2019) in Chennai, India, International Tamil Sangam held a press conference regarding the upcoming inauguration of the Thiruvalluvar statue in Vandana Monastery. The conference was attended by the head of International Tamil Sangam, Dr. VGP Santhosam, two Tamil Government ministers, Mr. T. Jayakumar, and Mr. Kadambur Raju, as well as Retired Judge Honorable Mr. Vallinayagam.

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Dr. Santhosam is a well-known Tamil businessman and philanthropist, dedicated to the promotion of Tamil culture abroad. So far, he has donated 51 Thiruvalluvar statues to many Tamil Associations around the world. The statue which will be installed in Vandana Monastery is the 52nd.


The inauguration ceremony will take place on the 19th of October 2019 in Vandana Monastery, Hualien. It will gather more than thirty delegates from Tamil government and notable Tamil scholars.


Thiruvalluvar is a highly influential Tamil poet and philosopher, who is best known as an author of Tirukkuṛaḷ - a text considered being the greatest work of Tamil literature and one of the finest works on ethics and morality.


The donation of the Thiruvalluvar statues to Vandana Monastery is the symbol of an ongoing cultural exchange between Taiwan and the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

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