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Member of Indian Parliament, Founder of KISS - Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences and KIIT - Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, and a great philanthropist, Prof. Achyuta Samanta paid a visit to Master Dao Yi last Wednesday. 
Due to a very tight schedule, Prof. Samanta’s visit to Taiwan lasted only two hours. He showed an enormous effort traveling 7 hours from Odisha and back and changing flights multiple times only to meet with Master Dao Yi. We were amazed and touched by this wonderful gesture. 
During the meeting in the airport hotel, Master Dao Yi and Prof. Samanta discussed matters concerning 39th World Congress of Poets, which will be held in Odisha and organized by Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology. Prof. Samanta is the president of this edition, whereas Master Dao Yi serves as a patron of the event. We are very much looking forward to another trip to India and all of the attractions 39th World Congress of Poets will bring!

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Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences was established in 1993 by Prof. Achyuta Samanta in order to provide access to education for indigenous people of India. Upon his arrival, Prof. Samanta presented a piece of Indian indigenous art - hand-painted scroll from KISS to Master Dao Yi.

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Dr. Maurus Young and Prof. Samanta

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The three gentlemen: Dr. Maurus Young, Master Dao Yi, and Prof. Achyuta Samanta