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Former ROC President Ma Ying-jeou attends Zen and Poetry Forum inauguration ceremony, joins Countless Scriptures release party


We were very honored and touched that President Ma Ying-jeou accepted our invitation and attended Zen & Poetry Forum inauguration ceremony, which took place on the 4th of May 2019 in Taipei.

After the symbolic cutting of the ribbon, President Ma attended the Countless Scriptures exhibition and distributed Crane Summit Medal of Arts and Crane Summit Friendship Award to our honorable guests: Dr. Milan Richter, Dr. Jiri Dedecek, Dr. G. Bhaskaran, Dr. Mend-Ooyo and Mr. Harry Sheridon. 

In exchange, all of our foreign, honorable guests gave presents from their home countries to Mr. President, which was a wonderful symbol of friendship between Taiwan, India, Mongolia, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. 

In his speech, President Ma praised the work of Crane Summit and Master Dao Yi’s achievements in promoting cultural dialogue and Buddhist thought.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you can all see that today we have guests from Mongolia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and India gathering here. The purpose is to bring Buddhism to an international level, connect it with world art and culture. This is a truly international event, with its own place within a global village. Crane Summit 21st Century International Forum is an event which brings religion, music, poetry, and humanities into the new century. It actively promotes arts and culture. The Forum is extremely important in supporting cultural development and creativity. It promotes cultural dialogue and contributes to world peace." - President Ma said. 


Following the speech of President Ma, Master Dao Yi took the stage to inaugurate the event and thank Former ROC President for giving his precious time and attending Zen and Poetry Forum. 

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Zen and Poetry Forum Inauguration Ceremony - Cutting of the ribbon

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Dr. G. Bhaskaran, Former Head of Tamil Nadu University awarded Crane Summit Medal of Arts

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Mr. Harry Sheridon, former secretary to President Abdul Kalam awarded Crane Summit Medal of Arts, handles his present to President Ma

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Dr. Mend-Ooyo, famous Mongolian Poet, awarded Crane Summit Friendship Award

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Dr. Jiri Dedecek, President of Czech PEN Club awarded Crane Summit Medal of Friendship  DSC06177 Easy Resize

Dr. Milan Richter, President of Slovak PEN Centre awarded Crane Summit Medal of Arts

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