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On the 4th of May, during Zen and Poetry Forum, Master Dao Yi donated his lifetime achievement, an enormous work of literature, Countless Scriptures to National Central Library in Taiwan. Head of the National Central Library, Mrs. Ceng Shu-hsian attended the ceremony herself.

We were honored to be featured in a report on the NCL web page. Read the full text below:  


Master Dao Yi (pen name Yu Hsi) is the abbot of Vandana Monastery in Hualien, famous Taiwanese writer, philosopher, doctor of poetry, former chairman of Chinese Writer’s and Artist’s association and Chinese Poetry Society. He organized the World Congress of Poets in Taiwan and attended the event abroad many times. Awarded a medal to former Mongolian President Nambar Enkhbayar and invited President of India Abdul Kalam to visit Taiwan. His literary masterpiece “Prabhutaratna” has been awarded Golden Tripod, a prestigious Taiwanese literary award. 

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It has been adapted into two musical pieces, by great Taiwanese composer Su Wenqing and Chinese composer Ju Bailiu, who arranged Prabhutaratna for Sheng (the oldest Chinese musical instrument) and Er Huorchestras respectively. It is accurate to say that Abbot’s authorship is currently at its peak. With works of poetry, essays, picture books, short stories and long scrolls of poetry reaching more than fifty books in total, works of Master Dao Yi were already translated into English, French, Czech, Slovak, Tamil, Mongolian languages. His complex, philosophical essays made him the first Asian poet to receive the prestigious Jan Smrek prize in 2008. In 2009, he was awarded Parnassus poetry award in Hungary and Czech PEN Centre Medal. In 2014 south India state of Tamil Nadu awarded Master Dao Yi with Thiruvalluvar Award in literature. He was the first foreigner ever to receive it. 

Countless Scriptures is an enormous masterpiece, Master Dao Yi’s lifetime achievement, the sum of all his experiences and wisdom poured onto paper and compiled into an enormous book. The book includes 111 scrolls of poetry, weights 37 kilograms. Its vast content represents 111 fragrant seas in Avatamsaka Sutra. It is the quintessence of Buddhist thought, not only Master Dao Yi’s lifetime achievement but also a sum of his wisdom, a true treasure box. Reading into this book will surely lead to uncovering great knowledge. Countless Scriptures pours new life into the world of culture and its release is a great event in the worldwide Buddhist culture! 

Master Dao Yi donated Countless Scriptures to the National Central Library during Zen and Poetry Forum, organized by Crane Summit 21st Century International Forum on 4thof May, to make this valuable work of culture accessible to the people. It is a life and spiritual treasure. Gathering these rich resources, it can enhance the development of Buddhism, foster cultural ethos, benefit the public, and pass Buddhist wisdom to further generations.

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Master Dao Yi, Former ROC President Ma Ying-jeou and Head of National Central Library Ceng Shu-hsien