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Crane Summit 21st Century International Forum: Zen and Poetry Forum and Chinese Artist's & Writer's Association 60th Art and Literature Medal Award Celebrations



We are very excited to announce our next event – 60th Art and Literature Medal Award celebrations with Zen and Poetry Forum, jointly organized by Crane Summit 21st Century International Forum and Chinese Writer’s and Artist’s Association. 

This time, the theme of the event will be revolving around Zen meditation and poetry, mutual influence on one another and common grounds of the aforementioned practices of the mind and spirit. 

Celebrations will also include an official release of Master Dao Yi’s Countless Scriptures, which is currently the biggest and heaviest book available in entire Taiwan, gathering Vandana Monastery’s abbot’s wisdom on 1504 pages. The event will be divided into two parts, with first being held in Taipei, whereas the second in Kaohsiung, with the affiliation of National Kaohsiung Normal University.



Honorable guests attending the event:


Dr. G. Bhaskaran

The former head of Tamil Nadu university, Philosophy and Language Departments, famous Indian philosophy and religion studies scholar. His research circles cover mostly Shaivism and Tamil culture. Dr. Bhaskaran’s thirty-year-long academic career and outstanding achievements in promoting Tamil culture around the world made him one of the most important scholars in the very Indian state. At present, Dr. Bhaskaran continues to promote Tamil Nadu and cultural dialogue attending conferences in the most important instances promoting Indian culture around the world. No wonder the paths of Dr. Bhaskaran and Master Dao Yi had to cross one day.  


Harry Sheridon

Former secretary to Indian president Abdul Kalam. In his twenty-four year-long period of serving as a secretary to the Missile Man of India, Sheridon has also become one of President Kalam’s closest friends. Currently, he serves as Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Centre’s Advisory Board member. Despite great Indian president’s passing away several years ago, Mr. Sheridon says: “He still lives within my heart”, and continues to cultivate the memory of Abdul Kalam. 


Dr. G. Mend-Ooyo

Famous Mongolian poet and writer. Currently serves as the president of Mongolian Culture and Poetry Institute. In modern Mongolian culture, Mend-Ooyo’s poetry occupies a very special place. Because of the author’s own cultural and family background, his poems are filled with true Mongolian spirit. Through romantic depictions of Mongolian landscape, Mend-Ooyo frequently refers to searching own identity and homesickness. When asked about his work, he stated: “My life is the mirror of Mongolia. I grew up in the classic nomadic way of life, then moved to the city. But even after all these years, I am not a city person. All my dreams are about the countryside, and I feel like I am living in a birdcage. Now I am planning to move back to the countryside. I just hope Mongolia will too.”


Dr. Milan Richter

Famous Slovak poet, diplomat, and translator. Currently serving as the president of Slovak PEN Center. During decades of poetic work, Dr. Richter frequently referred to Slovak history and society’s most difficult subjects – Soviet oppression, holocaust, freedom of speech. His outstanding penmanship and uncompromising attitude prove that poetry truly has the power to change the world. Because of his contribution to the cultural dialogue between Taiwan and Slovakia, wonderful sense of humor and positive attitude, Dr. Richter remains one of Crane Summit’s closest friends. 


Dr. Jiří Dědeček

Famous Czech musician, poet, scriptwriter and translator, an important figure in Czech’s modern culture. Currently, he serves as a president of Czech PEN Club. In the 1970s, Dr. Dědečekwas a part of Czech protest song movement. As he was also one of the signatories of Charter 77, his poems frequently address freedom of speech. From the very beginning, spreading ideas of democracy was one of the most important factors of Dr. Dědeček’s literary work, that is why he is one of the most valuable friends of Crane Summit. Ongoing cooperation with Czech writer already earned great success in promoting cultural dialogue between Taiwan and the Czech Republic. 

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