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Each year, in the month of January, Tamil people gather to celebrate Thai Pongal, a harvest festival dedicated to Sun God. The event is one of the most important for Tamil people and is celebrated not only in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka but also among communities of Tamil people scattered across the world. 

Taiwanese Tamil community is no different and enthusiastically celebrates Thai Pongal every year since 2013. The celebration is organized by Taiwan Tamil Sangam, an association responsible for promoting Indian culture in Taiwan. This year, the celebrations took place in Chang Yung-Fa Foundation building, few steps away from Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

Since Master Dao Yi is the president of the Association, he was invited to take part in Thai Pongal as a guest of honor and delivered a welcome speech referring former Indian president Abdul Kalam’s visit to Taiwan.

This place will always make me think about President Kalam. During his visit in 2010, he gave a lecture in the same place I am standing right now. Today, let us enjoy the wonderful atmosphere he left here. 


The ceremony was also attended by Indian Ambassador in Taiwan and friend of Master Dao Yi, Mr. Sridharan Madhusudhanan, who delivered a speech expressing his admiration for Taiwan Tamil Sangam.

 I have visited many Sangam associations around the world and Taiwan Tamil Sangam is surely one of those who contribute the most to the local Indian community. You are doing great work!