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After attending the ceremony in Vandana Monastery, former president of Mongolia went to Taipei accompanied by Master Dao Yi. During his stay in ROC capital, Mr. Enkhbayar paid visits to Examination Yuan, Legislative Yuan, Control Yuan, and Judicial Yuan. He also visited Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and National Palace Museum.

On November 12, Mr. Enkhbayar met with representatives of Mongolian diaspora in Taiwan and Vice Ministers of Culture Xiao Zonghuang, Xi Murong, and Hai Zhongxiong. They all attended a touching “Traditional Mongolian Dance and Music Show” organized by Vandana Monastery and ROC Ministry of Culture.

On the next day, President Enkhbayar paid a visit to the Institute for Information Industry accompanied by former ROC Vice Minister of Economic Affairs, Huang Zhongqiu. Mr. president expressed his great interest in Taiwanese advanced interactive technology.

On the 15th of November, former president of Mongolia visited Confucius Temple, which was also visited by Indian president A. P. J. Abdul Kalam in 2010 after he arrived in Taiwan at the invitation of Master Dao Yi. On the next day, President Enkhbayar paid a visit to the former ROC Prime Minister, Chang San-cheng in the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, and met with former ROC President Ma Ying-jeou in the office of the New Taiwanese Foundation. In the afternoon, he visited Fin Tech Space and Delta Electronic company accompanied by former Vice Minister of Economic Affairs, Huang Zhongqiu.

On November 17, President Enkhbayar returned to Hualien. In the evening, he and his wife both took part in the Chan Buddhism forum on Diamond Sutra organized by Master Dao Yi.

On the 19th of November, one day before leaving Taiwan, the presidential couple visited headquarters of Formosa Television to meet with its president Guo Beihong, general manager Wang Mingyu, and Deputy General Manager Hu Yuling. The two sides expressed an interest in joint television and drama cooperation.

The presidential couple spent 12 days in Taiwan in total and returned to Mongolia on the 20th of November, satisfied with their visit.

Ma Enkhbayarzhang Dao Yi Enkhbayarzhang