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On the 11th of November, Dr. Yu Hsi offered former president of Mongolia, Mr. Nambar Enkhbayar, a piece of The Tibetan Dragon Sutra to express his wishes of fortune to the Mongolian nation.

The Tibetan Dragon Sutra is the part of Tibetan Buddhist Cannon and constitutes of six parts named Rgyud (esoteric teachings), Sher phyin (perfection of wisdom), Dkon brtsegs (collected Mahāyāna sutras), Phal chen (flower-garland), Mdo sna tshogs (collected sutras), and Vdul ba (monastic discipline) respectively. In a total of 1057 units, The Sutra is Tibetan translation of laws and teachings of Sakyamuni. It was compiled following order of Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang and subsequently corrected by Emperor Kangxi. After completing the anthology, it was stored up in the Imperial Palace’s art collection. It was the first gold glided book of the Tibetan Buddhist Cannon and the only with a “dragon” in its name.

The ceremony took place in Vandana Monastery’s Bounty Guanyin Arts center. It was attended by distinguished guests including former ROC Prime Minister Chang San-cheng, former ROC Minister of Finance Hwang Jung-chiou, Indian Tamil Nadu State Government Deputy Minister M. Rajaram, President of Czech PEN Center Jiri Dedecek, Mongolian government former Minister of Culture and famous composer Natsag Jantsannorov, famous Mongolian poet Gombojav Meng-Oojo, Slovak PEN Center president Milan Richter, Head of Tamil University Bhaskaran Ganapathy, Taiwan Ke-Tse opera performer Liao Qiong-zhi and President of World Congress of Poets Maurus Young.

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Dr. Yu-Hsi has also offered a scroll of calligraphy entitled “Peace Pagoda Poem” to former ROC Prime Minister Chang San-cheng with his wishes of good luck. The beautiful scroll has been mounted using a traditional method used in imperial China. The poem written by Master Dao Yi in commemoration of the Prabhutaratna Peace Pagoda construction constitutes of 13 parts, just like the Pagoda itself. It elaborates about Buddhism and practicing meditation.