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On the 11th of November, famous Taiwanese poet and Buddhist monk, Dr. Yu-Hsi was awarded a medal of Slovak PEN Centre for his extraordinary literary achievements and promotion of cultural dialogue between Taiwan and Slovakia. The medal was granted by Slovak PEN Center president Dr. Milan Richter himself.

The ceremony took place in Vandana Monastery’s Bounty Guanyin Arts Center on the 11th of November. It was attended by Former President of Mongolia Nambar Enkhbayar, former ROC Prime Minister Chang San-cheng, former ROC Minister of Finance Hwang Jung-chiou, Indian Tamil Nadu State Government Deputy Minister M. Rajaram, President of Czech PEN Center Jiri Dedecek, Mongolian government former Minister of Culture and famous composer Natsag Jantsannorov, famous Mongolian poet Gombojav Meng-Oojo, Slovak PEN Center president Milan Richter, Head of Tamil University Bhaskaran Ganapathy, Taiwan Ke-Tse opera performer Liao Qiong-zhi and President of World Congress of Poets Maurus Young.

In 2008, Dr. Yu-Hsi was honored by Slovak president Michal Kovacs with “Jan Smerek Literary Award” for his contribution to literature.

Dr. Yu-Hsi’s literary work “The Road” has been translated to Slovak language and published in Slovakia.