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Vandana Monastery was built 52 years ago on the secluded and quiet coast of Hualien. Since then, it has become a center for Buddhist studies, world art and culture.

To continue spreading happiness and joy among people, in 2018 it has established Pharabutaratna Peace Pagoda, which inauguration was hosted by former Mongolian president and writer, Nambar Enkhbayar.

On the 11th of November at 11 in the morning, both President Enkhbayar and former ROC Prime Minister Chang San-cheng, inaugurated the opening of Prabhutaratna Peace Pagoda by delivering speeches. President Enkhbayar mentioned: “By chance, today marks 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. It is a wonderful day for this opening ceremony, giving it a special meaning. It perfectly matches the implied symbols of the Pagoda, which are peace and prosperity. This year’s opening ceremony has a very straightforward message - problems of this world are not to be resolved through war, but through peace. “

Former Prime Minister of Taiwan, Mr. Chang San-cheng mentioned that “old Chinese proverb goes: ancestors plant trees. The great Master Chuan Ching plated a tree of enlightenment for further generations. Through Master Dao-Yi, he made us witness the profound truth of Buddha which brings peace to people’s lives.”

Current ROC President, Cai Ying-wen also expressed her gratitude in a congratulatory letter: “It is with great joy I learn about the inauguration of Prabhutaratna Peace Pagoda and Chan Lamp Meditation Hall. I Expect that this great event will enhance religious spirit, promote philanthropy among brothers in faith, and promote humanism among people. Let us continue establishing our joyful and beautiful homeland. I wish great success to the ceremony and good health and happiness to all the participants.”

The opening ceremony of The Prabhutaratna Peace Pagoda, Chan Lamp Meditation Hall, and launching of the book “Countless Scriptures” was attended by brothers of faith from the entire country as well as Czech Republic, Slovakia, India, and Mongolia. Their number nearly reached one thousand.

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